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Action for Relief and Development Assistance (AFREDA) is a Tanzania National Non Governmental Organization (NGO) founded in 1990 whose purpose is to promote the livelihood, income, health, education, nutrition, peace and  human rights status of poor men, poor women and poor children in Tanzania, East Africa, through facilitation and implementation of integrated community development projects and programs.

VISION: A Tanzania free of poverty by the year 2030


  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Team Work
  • Participation
  • Inclusivity
  • Unity
  • Equality
  • Professionalism


  • Promote the availability of adequate social services i.e. health, sanitation, education, water, nutrition, housing to rural and urban residents.
  • Promote the non occurrence of HIV new infections, contribute to efforts aimed at stopping HIV and AIDS stigmatization,  contribute to the prevention of HIV and AIDS spread, promote HIV and AIDS voluntary counseling and testing and contribute to efforts aimed at supporting infected and affected persons and communities socially and economically.
  • Strengthen the availability of cash to meet individual and household socio- economic needs.
  • Promote environment conservation, wildlife conservation and eco-tourism.
  • Strengthen efforts to combat and mitigate impact and effects of   climate change.
  • Promote peace, human rights, Civil Society, Democracy and Good Governance
  • Promote population issues, safe motherhood as well as sexual and reproductive health and rights.
  • Strengthen gender equality as well as the socio economic development of women, youth and children.
  • Promote  culture, arts, dance ,music and sports
  • Perform any other activity that falls within the Organization’s mission.